Dr. Franklin Sage

Dr. Franklin Sage (Diné) is the Director of Diné Policy Institute (DPI), Tsaile, AZ. He is a graduate of University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND with B. A. and M. A. in Sociology and a Ph.D. in Educational Foundations and Research. The title of his Master’s thesis study is “Comparing the Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors of Native Americans and Non-Native Americans,” and his Doctoral dissertation study is “Indigenous Knowledge System and Decolonizing Methodology Interwoven into Higher Education Experiences: Autoethnography.” He is a co-author for publication in International Review of Qualitative Research and title of the article is “Decolonizing Our Own Stories: A Project of the Student Storytellers Indigenizing the Academy (SSITA) Group.” He also is a co-author of publication in Human Biology: Wayne State University Press and title, “Weaving the Strands of Life (Iiná Bitł’ool): History of Genetic Research Involving Navajo People.”   Dr. Sage co-author with DPI staff and interns in Tribal College Journal, and the title of the article is, Nihe’iina’ Náás Yiilyéél (Perpetuating Our Way of Life): Diné Local Governance from Tradition to COVID-19. Dr. Sage  served 12 years with the U. S. Army and is a combat veteran of Operation Iraq Freedom​. He is from Counselor, NM.

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