Phoebe Suina

Phoebe Suina helps Native communities and local municipalities address environmental, natural/geo-hazards, and water resources issues by utilizing a consensus-based approach that incorporates traditional and local knowledge with science-based planning, engineering, and project management solutions.

A member of San Felipe and Cochiti Pueblos, Ms. Suina’s core values and teachings come from Pueblo perspectives on how to steward and manage the land and natural resources for the health and well-being of the community.  Her traditional Pueblo background is complemented by formal training in environmental engineering, project management and a Master’s degree from Dartmouth College.  With this background of “tradition plus science,” for the past 18 years Ms. Suina has helped Pueblo and local communities manage projects in flood mitigation, environmental restoration, regulatory compliance, erosion control, hazard mitigation, and other environmental related projects.  Her approach incorporates traditional, cultural and local knowledge and includes community education activities that empower local leadership and support resilience.

Ms. Suina and her family are active in Pueblo cultural activities and is rooted in her Pueblo communities. She is the founder and owner of High Water Mark, LLC, which works with Tribes and Pueblos on a variety of issues and initiatives from environmental policy, land acquisition, planning, infrastructure, and how governmental (Federal, State and Local) policies, laws and priorities affect Tribal communities. Most recently, she worked on the Sandoval County Oil and Gas Ordinance issues between the Sandoval County and the Tribes and Pueblos.

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