The Collaboratory for Indigenous Data Governance is seeking a half time Graduate Research Assistant for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 to assist with the Stewardship of Indigenous Peoples’ Data Group at the University of Arizona (SIPDG at UA) project.

About the Collaboratory: The Collaboratory for Indigenous Data Governance develops research, policy, and practice innovations for Indigenous data sovereignty. Indigenous data sovereignty draws on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that reaffirms the rights of Indigenous nations to control data about their peoples, lands, and resources. 

We are building upon and supporting the movement to develop new institutional frameworks that center the terms of Indigenous communities around research and data partnerships. Collaboratory team members engage tribal rights holders and institutional stakeholders through research, education, and advocacy to understand the barriers that they face and to identify opportunities for change. Our goal is to move beyond mere recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ rights to data towards institutional policy and practice changes that protect and strengthen Indigenous Peoples’ relationships with their data, information, and knowledge.

About Project: The UA has a long history of supporting Indigenous rights and interests in research. This group will strengthen those efforts while placing the UA at the forefront of higher educational institutions by advancing data equity, justice, and governance in order to reinforce the UA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion for Indigenous Peoples toward the Arizona Advantage (Pillar 3) and bolster digital and data infrastructure for Institutional Excellence (Pillar 5).

This initiative focuses on recognizing and supporting tribal sovereignty throughout the research and collections enterprise by creating tools, mechanisms, and policies that activate Indigenous Peoples’ rights. The team will assess relevant repositories and collections on campus, use that information to great data policies and practices across campus, and embed the FAIR and CARE Principles to increase funding competitiveness. They will engage with the broader campus community through a series of invited speakers and webinars. 

General Project Administrative Support:

  • Participate in weekly meetings with Collaboratory for Indigenous Data Governance. 
  • Host monthly calls with the SIPDG at UA.
  • Coordinate speakers to present at webinars.
  • Contribute to the development of templates and processes for institutional policies.
  • Prepare manuscripts and policy briefs.
  • Draft reports and updates for NNI, UA, and the SIPDG at UA project updates, progress, and outputs. 
  • Present project outcomes at professional conferences.
  • Develop a professional development plan and meet regularly with mentors.
  • Present project outcomes at professional conferences.
  • Attended monthly Udall Center professional development webinars.

Contact: Dr. Stephanie Carroll

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