Data & Research Priorities for Southwest Tribal Climate Resilience Summit

The Data & Research Priorities for Southwest Tribal Climate Resilience Summit

A free one-day virtual event on October 21, 2020

Open to tribal leaders and staff, students, scholars, and others 

During the COVID19 pandemic and climate crisis we are at a time where we are forced to restructure and rethink how we address the concerns within and beyond our communities. We are seeing the gaps and barriers that have been identified, as well as the opportunities to strengthen our communities toward long term wellbeing. How can we center Indigenous governance and lifeways as we go through this transition? What has COVID19 made apparent as related to the climate crisis? What tribal and other institutional research and data governance strategies and challenges have emerged?

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Data & Research Priorities for Southwest Tribal Climate Resilience Summit Agenda

Morning Session | 9:30-11:00 am Pacific 

Dr. Andrew Curley (Dińe)

Dr. Stephanie Russo Carroll (Ahtna)

Dr. Dominique David-Chavez (Arawak Taíno)

Andrew Martinez (O’odham,  Diegueño, and Yoeme)

Afternoon Session | 1:30-3:00 pm Pacific

Dr. Carrie Joseph (Hopi) 

Phoebe Suina (Cochiti Pueblo and San Felipe Pueblo)

Dr. Franklin Sage (Dińe)     

Invited Speakers

Dr. Carrie Joseph

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Dr. Andrew Curley

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Dr. Franklin Sage

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Dr. Dominique David-Chavez

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Phoebe Suina

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Dr. Stephanie Russo Carroll

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Althea Walker

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Andrew Martinez

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Additional Readings

Policy Brief: Supporting Tribal Data Governance For Indigenous Community Climate Resilience

Tribal communities have the right to define, collect, protect, interpret, manage, and apply data in a way that respects Indigenous ethics, values, and relational responsibilities. These rights are critically relevant in the context of increasing climate impacts, where Indigenous communities need access to culturally relevant data to inform effective decision-making and to strengthen climate resilience

Download the brief


Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Arizona: Setting an Agenda

On April 24, 2019, the “Indigenous Data Sovereignty Summit in Arizona: Building shared understanding and identifying Tribal Leader needs” was held at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Summit attendees included tribal leaders and data practitioners, academic researchers, employees of the state of Arizona that have experience working with Native nations, students, and others. The day included grounding presentations on Indigenous data sovereignty in practice and facilitated discussions. Summit presenters shared how the Indigenous data sovereignty framework applied to their research with their own tribal communities.

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