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Network Connects Indigenous Knowledges in the Arctic and U.S. Southwest

Indigenous Peoples from the Arctic and the U.S. Southwest have joined together to tackle issues of food sovereignty in two environmental extremes. Their bond led to a swift response to COVID-19.

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Featuring commentary from Collaboratory members Mary Beth Jäger and Lydia Jennings

January 13, 2021

Policy Brief: Native Nation Rebuilding for Tribal Research and Data Governance

Indigenous Peoples conducted research long before their interactions with European settlers. Whether through observation or practice, research in a non-western context was woven into Indigenous ways of knowing and being. It continues to inform Indigenous Knowledges of landscapes and natural resources, governance systems, intra- and inter-governmental relationships, and behavior. The outcomes of this research are reflected in how Indigenous Peoples understand who they are today. Research in Indigenous communities has evolved—and not always in positive ways. For decades, noncommunity-member researchers, including non-Indigenous researchers, have studied Indigenous Peoples and communities.

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Freaturing Collaboratory members Danielle Hiraldo, Mary Beth Jäger, Dominique David-Chavez and Stepanie Russo Carroll

January 7, 2021